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janet1951 •1 2016-08-02, 12:35
I am glad to finally find you on this site - after the downfall of the other website! I am not sure if you will see this, but if you do - I have a question. Do you ever upload series? I have looked everywhere for 'Here Come the Brides'. Here is the IMDB link to the series: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062569/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
If you have this two season series, I would love to see it. If not, have you ever come across anyone/website that does have it? In any case, it sure is good to find you uploading! Best regards as always.
gethogospel •2 2015-01-16, 16:39
i m unable to play mkv file format even on vlc. plz help
imarion •1834 2014-12-31, 10:37

When you are happy, smile and celebrate; but when you’re sad, again celebrate
to bring a smile to others. Happy New Year.SCREENSHOT
Coola •1026 2014-08-31, 08:50

Video found at Cinema
Coola •1026 2014-06-29, 20:45

Video found at Cinema

dd53787 •367 2014-06-04, 23:40
BurtonC said:Congratulations on your new status!

Google "Pirate Jack"!! Now that's a great Pirate story! That was trust amongst them.


Used to be a guy over yonder named Pirate Jack, but he quit, got fed up with something or other over there, seems that happens alot. hmmm
Coola •1026 2014-03-22, 09:52

Video found at Cinema
Orwell •265 2014-01-29, 21:10
Dead.Man.1995.720p.BluRay.x264 SiNNERS [PublicHD]

Posted 5 years ago in Movies » Fantasy , downloaded 160 times , verified torrent

Size: 4.38 GB , Seeds: 2 , Peers: 0 , Updated: 4 months ago

Download torrent
dd53787 •367 2014-01-01, 23:46
BurtonC said:Damn! Didn't know my ole monitor could display such a beautiful picture. Very excellent quality! Poor ole Handbrake musta worked its hinny off processing this one.
ha ha
actually I am finding alot better quality files out there, and they convert alot faster as I can lower the video bitrate...as you stated and I don't lose quality as a wise sage once said.
The blurry ones or faded ones, I have to up the vid rate as high as possible just to get a decent picture.
But yeah these last few have been very good video's got more, just not the time, and maybe not the bandwidth? or storage space I need more MONEY!! LOL. Things will get better in that department soon. Just gotta be patient. Need a VPN$, new External Hard drive, memory chips, and oh yeah, I almost forgot --- Tixati
I truly believe the music artists are letting alot better quality videos get out to encourage people to attend their concerts and make more money. We can't pirate an actual Live concert attendance!
Rio is setup sooo good, I noticed that on the Metallica Concert, that place is HUGE! with spot lighting already setup all over waaay out away from the stage to shine the stage. Its unreal how Rio has that stage grounds setup.
Got another one converting on my other PC now, but I have been all day cleaning out space bc I am running out asap. Too many wannabe ups and copies all over.!!
Thats why I was short on my reply at KAT, frustrated trying to keep my ups going and clean out space and convert and get a work job out.
Glad to see you made it to 2014!!
imarion •1834 2013-12-31, 11:47

May the new year that follows be the best you have ever had.
Have a happy new year!SCREENSHOT
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