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megalide69 •23 2014-03-18, 05:50
Thank you mfor the friendship request!

Transformer •53 2013-08-29, 10:53
Have a great day!
UkRs •69 2013-07-09, 06:35
Aketeron said:SCREENSHOT

Hi friend keep on the good work!
MaxUpload •373 2013-06-03, 20:18
Aketeron said:SCREENSHOT

Have a nice weekend Max
Thanks you as well!
EEwalford •43 2013-03-13, 08:22
Aketeron said:SCREENSHOT

hello friend,hope you had a great day
thanks for the add
yes my day was good, but a lot of snow here.
butt7722 •1845 2013-03-10, 13:58
Aketeron said: Keep up the great work bud, and have a good day.

tnx mate