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Star Wars Battlefront:


Star Wars: Battlefront encompasses battles between four main factions from both the original and prequel trilogies: the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) of the prequel era, and the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire of the classic trilogy. However, factions can only play their historical adversary; there cannot be any Rebels vs. Separatists or Clones vs. Empire fights. In each faction, five different classes of characters become available. Four of the classes are similar for each faction: a basic infantry soldier (a Super battle droid for the CIS), heavy weapons soldier, pilot and sniper. Both factions have a set amount of reinforcements. When the reinforcements have been depleted, the faction loses. Scattered around the battlefields are command posts. AI units and players use these command posts to spawn from after being killed. If a faction controls all command posts, they win the battle unless capture of one of these points is disrupted. Each faction has special units such as the Droideka for the Separatists, and a Jetpack-wielding darktrooper for the Empire. Several ground and air vehicles are also available to the player on the battlefield. Ranging from the hulking AT-AT, to the fast speeder bike, there are more than 25 vehicles at the players disposal.

In Star Wars: Battlefront, Jedi heroes are featured: Mace Windu battles for the Galactic Republic, Count Dooku for the Separatists, Luke Skywalker battles with the Rebel Alliance and Darth Vader the Galactic Empire. Unlike its successors, Jedi characters are not playable unless mods are used.

Galactic Conquest Mode
In this mode, the player uses strategy to take control of planets and dominate an area of the galaxy. First the player chooses a map configuration based on conflicts from both eras of Star Wars history. Some maps start both sides evenly and some favor one faction. Next the player chooses what faction to play as. The game is played in turns, with the player starting first. The player is able to select an enemy controlled or neutral planet to attack, (the enemy planets have two maps to conquer, while neutral only have one). After selecting what planet to attack, the player is able to activate a bonus from one of his already owned planets (if any).

Each planet provides its own unique bonus, but must be captured first before the player can use that bonus. Bonuses help the player in battle by impeding the enemy or assisting the players team.

If one side manages to win four battles (not necessarily in a row), they gain access to their factions Secret Base bonus. The Secret Base bonuses are very powerful and change the course of a game. They can be used on any enemy planet, except for the enemy Secret Base. The game is completed when one faction controls all of the planets on the map.

Instant Action
This mode allows the players to jump right into a battle of their choice. The players can also customize a list of battles that will then be played through in the order they have chosen, or in a random order.


System Requirements:

Computer: 100% DirectX 9.0c Compatible Computer

Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

CPU: Intel P3 1GHz or AMD Athlon 1 GHz Required

Memory: 256 MB RAM Required (512 Recommended)

Graphics Card: 64 MB 3D Card with Hardware Transform & Lighting (T&L) Capability

Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card

CD-ROM:8X Speed CD-ROM drive required

Input Device: Keyboard and Mouse required. Joysticks & Gamepads supported

NOTE: DirectX may require the latest drivers for your particular hardware.


How to install and play:

No installation necessary, just extract archive with WinRar, go to gamedata and click Battlefront.exe and the game will start. Want to play online? Buy the game and support the developers!

This is the patched version so there should be more bugs and glitches fixed than the other ones on this site.

This is virus free as scanned my Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.

Any compliments, complaints or questions about this torrent feel free to post below.

Happy Gaming!


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